Sunday, March 6, 2011

Post Match: Rangers

Ten man Leopards beat a stubborn Rangers 3-1 at the City Stadium this afternoon. And no! There was no red card. This is just a dig at the antics of goalkeeper Barnabas Tiema who, for a second successive match, made it look like Leopards was playing without a goalkeeper.

Tiema's blunder cut the Leopards goal difference to nil and blighted an otherwise good performance by the Leopards who were without Imbalambala in the line up, though he had been voted the Man of the Match by fans voting on

Wandera also came on a second half substitute though the team that started the Tusker match largely featured.

Also missing from the bench was Leopards coach Bollen who had been quoted in the Standard morning newspaper as threatening to quit. After the match, coach Eliud Omukuyia stated he was elated by the performance and happy for the boys. "They have responded well to last weeks defeat and it is a morale booster and will help to bring the fans together" he said.

Line Up: Tiema, Waodo, Okumu Douglas, Amboko, Muyoti, Cokie, Selenga, Khamis, Masiolo, Okumu Joseph, Tumba.

How It All Happened

2nd min: First attack by Rangers. Taking the game to Leopards

5th min: Wasted corner taken by Khamis. Okumu being held in the penalty area but ref not spotting offence

11th min: Selenga takes corner this time.

12th min: Okwemba, former Leopards boy, takes a pop at Leopards goal but misses target.

14th min: Masiolo breaks through but is flagged offside after a quick freekick by Leopards.

15th min: Kauka lobs goalkeeper Tiema. He hits the crossbar and leopards escape. Tiema clearly at fault as he came out early but missed ball.

16th min: Muyoti clears good pass that would have been a tap in for Rangers if it got to the striker. Leopards under pressure.

17th min: Okwemba hits the crossbar after Tiema comically misses a cross.

22nd min:Leopards defence still under pressure. Nyaga almost scores after defensive lapse.

23rd min: Rangers waste one of the ten corners they got in the match.

24th min: Muyoti gives pin point pass to Okumu J but the same is cut out by Rangers for a corner. Great thinking.

27th min: Nyaga misses sitter.

28th min: Okumu cuts through Rangers defence and send a pass from the goal line that misses everyone who has moved forward.

29th min: Leopards on the back foot. Angoli caught offside to spare Leopards blushes.

34th min: Selenga on the attack. Misses clear chance. Showing promise but not yet accurate.

36th min: Khamis booked.

37th min: Okwemba corner comes to nought.


52 min: Mangoli on, Tumba off

56th min: GOAL! Khamis (Salim Kinje) scores after lobbing Webo.

59th min: Okwemba booked for taking freekick quickly and not playing to the whistle.

60th min: Amboko booked.

62nd min: Okwemba fouls Khamis. He's a lucky boy he isn't sent off.

67th min: GOAL! Selenga cuts in with great pass. Mukhwana clears for corner as Masiolo was reaching to get to end of that pass. Corner taken by Selenga and Okumu Joseph scores after an assist from the other Okumu (Douglas).

69th min: GOAL! Okumu J hits the cross. Khamis passes to Masiolo who scores from close range. Game over!

71st min: Tiema injured in meleee after angers corner

74th: Aluvisia on, Masiolo off.

79th min: Rangers corner. Taken very low and poorly and launches a counter by Leopards. Mandela booked after foul on Okumu. Its 2-2 on yellow cards!

81st min: Aluvisia nearly makes it four but Webo saves brilliantly.

82nd min: Another fruitless rangers corner.

86th min: Wandera on, Khamis off.

87th min: Rangers freekick sandwiches two Rangers corners.

90th min: Ochien g blasts free-kick to Leopards wall. 

90th min: GOAL! Nyaga scores after a Tiema blunder lets in the shot.

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