Sunday, January 16, 2011

'Faction X' In Two Factions

According to the Facebook page of one of Kenya's leading sports websites Michezo Afrika, this is the news on the Elections that had been called by the anti-Ochiel faction of Leopards:-

"Mr. Winston Kituyi has been declared the winner of the Chairman's post. Earlier confusion marred the process as both camps declared they had won. According to official results released by the returning officer Mr. Micheal Meso, Kituyi garnered 869 votes with Mr. Ole Magelo managing 610."

It appears that there were some problems during the elections that had been convened by Robert Asembo and which for the purposes of this post we shall call 'Faction X' of Leopards.

It was not immediately clear under what constitution the elections were held and whether the election modalities of the constitution that was used were followed.

Fans had expressed disquiet and disbelief at the turn of events and a cursory look at some of the comments on the AFC Leopards Facebook Branch links show that there wasnt clarity in the way the elections were held.

The short notice that was given for the elections did not afford the 'Electoral Board' if we may call it that led by Michael Meso to print out ballot papers. It appears that the infamous mlolongo system of elections was the one used by Leopards!

It was also not clear whether those who voted were members of the club, who had paid membership fees to either the club or the branch to which they were affiliated.

Candidates were also not given enough time to declare their interest in the elective posts and campaign and many of the fans who attended will be hard pressed to point out the respective manifestos of the candidates who were standing and whether hey can be expected to fulfil the pledges, if any, that they made.

Meanwhile, 'Faction Y' of Leopards led by Julius Ochiel boycotted the elections as expected and it is expected that they will insist that they are in still charge of the club and that the elections held today are a sham.

'Faction X' will not do themselves any favours if they are involved themselves in a dispute splitting down the two protagonists in that faction, that is Magelo and Kituyi.

It is is expected that there may be a battle at the Registrar of Societies when either faction tries to assert its right to control the club.

More updates will follow the developments at the club.


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