Monday, January 24, 2011

We Meet Again

On Sunday morning, Leopards fans awoke to the announcement in the Sunday Nation newspaper at page 45 that the club was scheduled to have its Annual General Meeting on 13th February 2011.

The club website also had the announcement

AFC Leopards SC has announced February 13th 2011 to be the date for the Annual General Meeting.

According to the notice issued by the club, the meeting shall be held at Nyayo National Stadium Hall at 10.00a.m.

The Agenda has been listed as follows:-
- To read & confirm minutes of previous Annual General Meeting.
-To receive,consider and adopt the accounts for the year 2010 by treasurer.
- To Appoint Auditors for the club.
- To receive, consider and adopt the club's proposed budget for the year 2011.
- Enactment of the proposed new AFC Leopards constitution
- Election of all office bearers

All persons interested to register as members or in seeking any elective post have until 6th February to ensure that they have registered. Modalities for registration of new members will be released early next week. 

This announcement follows the disputed recent Annual General Meeting that had been called by Robert Asembo which aborted amidst claims that two sets of the protagonists, being magelo and Kituyi each claimed victory. Ochiel boycotted these elections.

After the parties in the disputed election tried to lodge documents at the Registry of Societies, the Registrar ordered for elections to be held within 45 days.

Elections come and go but it is the change of the constitution that may be the crucial factor in the General Meeting called for 13th February 2011. It is not clear to Ingwe Fan what new constitution shall be proposed, ratified and adopted as per item 5 of the notice by Catherine Omanyo, the Acting Secretary General.

The old constitution of Leopards can be downloaded here, whilst the constitution that was proposed by the Magelo office can be downloaded here and the constitution that had been floated by the Ochiel group can be downloaded here.

This can be compared with a dummy Football Association template constitution found here.

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