Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Defence Rests

Leopards have been improving in their play but the team is being seriously let down by one department. The Defence! Whilst the rest of the playing unit seems to be improving with our midfield starting to have some punch and the striking force scoring an occasional goal, those efforts are undone when the defence rest on its laurels.

We analyze three matches: Sofapaka, Tusker and Gor Mahia to see some of the schoolboy errors that have cost us dearly.

Against Sofapaka the third goal saw John Baraza make a break. It was five Leopards players against four of Sofapaka.

Tiema points at the positioning. Our defender tries to cut the attack but too much space had been given to Baraza.

Baraza sells a dummy and the defender is left for dead. No covering and Baraza gets time to move in.

Baraza crosses.

Notice two defenders have been together the whole time as Mugalia now shoots, the ball having been stopped for him in the clearance

The second goal by Sofapaka had also seen the similar defensive lapses

The defender hits the ball on Njoroge


The ball bounces off Njoroge and hits the other Leopards defender

Tiema advances, but he has been let down already by the defenders

In the game against Tusker, the first goal was conceded after an unnecessary freekick near the corner flag. But the second goal was also comically conceded.
Yes, four defenders against three Tusker players...


The ball is floated in and there are three Ingwe defenders ahead of the Tusker strikers

Midenyo has made some ground and get to the ball ahead of all the three defenders chasing it

Against Gor Mahia, there was a massive howler in the defence when Lavatsa was first brought down just before he got into the D. The referee was not whistle-happy.

As Lavatsa lay on the floor, the defender collected the ball

Muyoti approaches and asks the defender to leave the ball

Muyoti inexplicably turns without any pressure and makes a back pass


Ochomo pounces

Ochomo smashes the post

But barely a minute later, the defence is split again... it is 4 against 3

Tiema moved to close the gap but he stod no chance

As for the second goal by Gor, Lavatsa expects a long ball

Paco is covering Lavatsa but lets the ball bounce

Big mistake. No one is covering Selenga. AFC had been attacking and everyone had poured forward.

The ball bounces and it is a sprint

Once he is in the D, it is curtains AFC

Tiema fluffs the catch

The one who shall not be named pounces...

It is time for the defence to stop resting and ball watching and start playing.


  1. Superb.... i Like the analysis

  2. Great!! Me thinks EM should be head coach or better still technical director.

    Please check;
    Tiema moved to close the gap but he stod no chance

    spelling of stood!!

  3. nice stuff, the defence shud not sleep onduty. hlestakv caxton .....

  4. Nice one has our defence been shown this kweli?

  5. Eish these are simple mistakes which can be avoided at all cost!