Monday, February 14, 2011

New Kit Unveiled 2011

The new kit to be used by the team in the 2011 season has been unveiled, just a day after the aborted elections.

In keeping with tradition, the Chair did not smile at the unveiling...

... just like his predecessor did not on 9th December 2008.

Some fans are elated by the new kit, some deflated.

The Leopards have seemingly followed the trend by other teams to alternate their hoops for stripes as Bayern Munich did in the past two seasons.

And since we are talking about the Leopards new spots, you can also spot the differences in the kit.

H for Hoops and S for Stripes

Kit Sponsor: H - Terrible         S  - Cool              Score: 0-1
Club Crest: H - Cool               S  - Terrible         Score: 1-0
Club Motto: H - Cool              S - Cool               Score: 1-1
Shirt Sponsor: H - Terrible      S - Cool               Score: 0-1
Shirt Design: H - Cool            S - Terrible           Score: 1-0 

Oh well... it is a tie. But it really doesn't matter., What matters most is if the team can beat its opponents on the pitch. That should be the focus of us all.

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