Sunday, June 3, 2012

Short Wave

Transcript from the Youtube clip posted here

S: Hallo

W: Hallo

S: Habari Daktari

W: Mzuri

S: Its Ssemi Aina hapa

W: Aaah Sema…namna gani…

S: Maina aliniambia jana mlikuwa na yeye… Lakini nasikia 

W: Eehh

S: Mlikosana sana kuhusu mambo ya SGM

W: Aaah. Hatukukusana vile. I only told him that we don’t need those blocks at the moment. Yeah, because, the process. You know.. Magelo has no control over it at the moment. What we are doing right now...

S:Hmm hmm

W: We are moving ahead without; we want… we have actually pushed Magelo to the wall

S: Yeah, hmm hmmm

W: And some of us are not friends of Magelo...

S: Yeah…

W: So, you see, if there is anything that comes in to block the process, I am wondering where we are to start again…

S: But Walela, Maina tells me mlikuwa mnamuambia ablock AGM

W: Yes, AGM, not SGM

S: Hmm hmmm

W: The issue was AGM because this one, Magelo wants to call an election … ile ya 17th we don’t want kabisa…

S: Yes

W: Yeah, not the SGM

S: Hmm hmmm

W: AGM ndiyo Magelo anataka ku-manipulate hiyo, na we want an Electoral Board to be in place, where he will have no control…

S: Yes…

W: Register members and then… all members must pay 500. Hiyo list yake hiyo ya mia mbili hatutaki. 

S: Yes… 

W: Ati watu walikuwa wanalipa mia mbili. Hiyo tulisema we don’t want this. Because we want a new and fair Electoral Board…

S: But now who constitutes the Electoral Board?

W: According to the guidelines ni watu watano…

W: Hallo…

S: Yes…

W: According to the guidelines that we had done, Magelo was to bring one person, huyu mmoja pia Ochiel one person, Kituyi one person na Registrar of Societies and FKF and for me I was comfortable with it.

S: Hmm hmmm

W: Because he cant manipulate

S: Hmm hmmm

W: Yeah!

S: But sasa, If you are.. if the Registrar has been the one who has been the cause of all these problems, why invite a partisan group? Because you know at the Registrar, they are not non-partisan…

W: No… but you see... 

S: Hmm hmmm

W: This is a group of five individuals;

S: Hmm hmmm

W: They cant all collude eti waweke … waweke mtu mwenye ana … After all 

S: Hmm hmmm

W: I don’t think Kituyi has given up on being chairman, I don’t think Ochiel has given up on being Chairman. 

S: Hmm hmmm

W: Yeah, so I know, I doubt if they’ll collude 

S: Yes

W: Eti waweke Register waweke watu wao. That list … Am very sure hiyo list itakuwa a fair one… 

S: Hmm hmmm

W: Itakuwa the true list of members of AFC Leopards…

S: Haya, you have said it very well that you don’t think Ochiel ame-give up ama Kituyi …but here is a question.

W: Hmm

S: I have not heard anywhere that Ssemi has been mentioned

W: Yeah

W: Its just that you are not in it…and again

S: Hmm hmmm

W: Even me I am not mentioned and by the way, I might be having ambitions… ha ha ha… Am taking this thing to the end. I might throw in a very big surprise…. 

S: But you see sasa…

W: Eehh

S: You see, Wewe, Ochiel na Kituyi, nyinyi wote hamtaki election?

W: Yeah yeah

S: Na sasa ndiyo naona, its like now that you would have created a situation of the majority having their way, hata Magelo akiweka pale mtu, atakuwa na uzito gani?

W: Uummm… Magelo hatakuwa na uzito eti anaweka watu wake… hmmm
S: Yeah, that’s why nasema sasa, why can’t you have a neutral Electoral .. eeh Board? Because…

W: Yeah.. mimi as far as am concerned that is neutral… because ...

S: No we cannot , Daktari Bwana.. we can not have contestants, unaelewa .. haya….. now Kituyi

W: Yeah 

S: Is Kituyi a faction?

W: Yeah Kituyi is still interested

S: Yes he is interested but is he a faction? Why is he even being given the privilege of appointing?

W: That was what wasagreed on the roadmap.

S:You see now...

W: Walisema you were invited lakini haukuenda

S: Now I want to ask you, pale kwa Registrar, didn’t the agreement state that the elections were to be held in April?

W: They were to be held.. yeah

S: And then? Is that what you are going by?

W: Hmmmm … Yeah

S: Then it means nobody met his obligations

W: Sasa, wewe unataka watu waeke gani.. how do we arrive at the Electoral Board, for you?

S: Me what I was saying, eh…

W: Yes

S: Number 1 . Sijui kwa nini mnaogopa Magelo, hii ndiyo kitu sielewi. What you people need to do.. Let the members know we are going to have an Electoral Board from an independent Body

W: Like which one now?

S: There are several. We can get people from.. uhm.. we can get a few guys from different bodies… na tuwalipe

W: How do we arrive at whoever to supervise elections

S: That is why, you see, everybody needs to sit down we need to sit down all of us and agree on either one body or different people from different bodies, umeelewa...

W: Yeah

S: But you can not be an accused and then be given the privilege to pick a magistrate who will deal with your case, that will not happen, it is unrealistic...

W: Because me I want you to mention... how to get to the, to the whatever.. to whoever will supervise the elections... because like you see if you demand, what about those people who want to be Chairmen and have not announced, they may also come in and demand

S: Exactly and they will not have benefited from that... Already number 1, eh.. the decisions you are trying to make they are already hurting Ssemi

W: No I doubt

S: You get my point.. Because, if Ochiel can have the privilege of appointing someone, why not Ssemi

W: But these people are just there to see to it that only members are on the register who have paid and the money is remitted, its with the club

S: Yeah but it doesn't take an appointee of Ochiel or an appointee of Kituyi or Magelo to ensure that...

W: Hmm hmm .. because like last year...

S: Even the members can select from themselves

W: Uhm.. Members selecting its not.. it is actually impossible; it is impossible for members to select .. hiyo they can't get a formula on how to select...

S: Na sasa vile SGM imesimamishwa hivi.. you see, that day tulikaa Nyayo, and I told you guys loopholes zizibwe...

W: Yeah

S: If you ever want to move forward with anything...

W: Yeah

S: Unaona? Loopholes zizibwe.. because the moment you people mnataka SGM iendelee, Magelo hataki hiyo SGM, haya nyinyi hamtaki AGM, Magelo anataka AGM


S: You see that creates countless loopholes …


S: You see.. why cant all these things be dealt with?

W: Now from where?

S: Its just a matter of people sitting down and you know, kuja, come out in the open, say we don’t want an AGM at this point, let .. wacha yeye pia aseme hatutaki SGM because of this and this, wacha Ssemi aseme yeye pia he is not comfortable with this and this kwa sababu ya hii na hii, you get my point?

W: Yeah 

S: And then, kila kitu, every issue ikuwe addressed

W: Yeah

S: Hapo kwa meza. The problem is, we are telling members, 'oh.. tunataka tupitishe katiba, halafu tuende kwa elections' halafu hatuwaambii siri ile iko chini ya meza, the dangerous card is that we dont want an election..

W: No, not June

S: Yes

W: Because in June, we cannot have a whatever .. a Register itengenezwe in just two weeks...

S: Yes... but have you communicated, have you communicated that to the members?

W: Yeah.. people know.. people know that we cant. That we dont want. Its Magelo who is trying to force it.. hiyo AGM, that we have elections

S: You know Daktari nilikuwa na watu jana. Even Lutta alikuwa amesimama hapo na Sadik na Lutta alikuwa amesimama hapo na huyu kijana anaitwa Caxton Agala, the ones we were with hapo Nyayo, tulikuwa nao hapo High Court...

W: Yes?

S: And I asked Lutta one question Lutta hebu tell the truth... is there going to be an election in June 17th ?

W: Yeah?

S: He said Yes

W: Uhh?

S: Na mimi ndiyo nikamuambia, 'Can you stop lying to the members Lutta. An election to be held on June 17th is impossible'.

W: Yes?

S: Number One… Lutta goes ahead to say that an election that has been called by the Chairman and Treasurer is valid

W: No, its not valid

S: Nikamwambia tell people the truth because the moment members know that kuna cards zinachezwa chini ya meza…ndiyo inaleta hii confusion ambayo AFC Leopards imekuwa nayo since last year

W: But Lutta is not also with them 

S: I know he is not with them, that is why he did not comeout strongly. Angesema ukweli.. But you see Lutta stands there and says yeye anarepresent interests za Magelo, which is not true

W: Yes, its not true

S: Yeah, in fact hapo ndiyo mimi, I told him off.. nilimuambia, 'Listen Lutta, I know you are no longer with the Magelo faction,speak the truth, so that, let the members know, kama ni katiba tutapitisha June.. elections tutaenda December, thats it...

W: Yeah

S: Not that tunawadanganya tupitishe tukijua eti sisi wenyewe hatutaki election ikuwe hii mwezi…

W: Hmm, OK.. I think lets, we can arrange... lets meet all of us.. 

S: Yeah 

W: We can arrange.. are you free today?

S: I am free..I am available...

W: OK, uhhmmm.. there is function hapa ya AFC at Kawangware which am attending nafikiria inaisha tu in the next one hour or so.. then I can call you.. uuh

S: Hmm hmmm..

W: Yeah

S: Sawa sawa

W: Ikiisha.. 

S: Ikiisha utanipigia..


S: Yeah

W: OK sawa…

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