Sunday, June 3, 2012

Its The Silly Season

It is the silly season at the club once again as no one seems to know what needs to be done. This is the story so far:-

Ssemi Aina had gone to court and obtained court orders that seemed to confer the Chairmanship upon him (that was disputed, but the first court order at least stopped the incumbent Chairman Alex Ole Magelo from discharging his duties).

The case was dismissed on a technicality and never got tobe heard on its merits or demerits.

A Daily Nation journalist lashed at Magelo for gloating at the escape rather that focus on sorting out the Leopards mess. It seemed to be a case of someone drowning and the journalist describing the water.

With the case out of the way, a section of the club then wanted to progress with the roadmap that had been disrupted by the orders previously obtained by Aina. The roadmap entailed holding a Special General Meeting, passing the constitution, appointing an Elections Board and then registering members of the club afresh before holding an Annual General Meeting.

The club CEO Richard Ekhalie on the other hand favoured a direct AGM where elections were held on 17th June 2012under the old constitution and a new constitution passed at the same meeting to take effect after the AGM. The officials elected would serve for one year before they seek fresh mandate under the new constitution.

This caused an uproar to a section of the fanbase who insisted on an SGM.

One faction, the Julius Ochiel faction, even claimed to have held an SGM on 6th May 2012 when the court orders of Aina were in force. It isn't clear if they filed any returns from this SGM.

However, another notice was published by Josephat Bukachi, the Secretary General, who is in office by virtue of a court case filed by supporters of the Ochiel faction, and who has been some sort of parallel Secretary General as Duncan Angode has also been 'acting' as Secretary General. This case by the Ochiel supporters has not been dispensed with.

That aside, Bukachi called an SGM for 3rd June 2012.

Alex ole Magelo on the other hand called an AGM on 17th June 2012 as was previously planned in the amended roadmap.

Persons reported to be supporters of Aina went to court and obtained a court order against the SGM. The case will be heard inter partes on 11th June 2012.

Meanwhile, Aina went back to court and filed a Judicial Review case directed at the Registrar of Societies and the Attorney General seeking orders of certiotari and prohibition. He wants to be certified as the Chairman and also he wants the Registrar prohibited from registering anyone else as Chairman until the end of the season. The case will be mentioned on 18th June 2012.

Meanwhile, away from all these, the dirty tricks of recording persons telephone conversations is ongoing. Aina posted on Youtube this clip. A transcript of the same will be posted elsewhere on this blog.

It really is the silly season at the club ...

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