Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kenyan Banter

One of the crazy ideas that someone came up with was to have Leopards fans and Gor Mahia fans in a Facebook Group just exchanging banter.

So recently, Okil Kamaloka posted a photo of a bus bought by Azam FC of Tanzania and remarked: Azam FC of Tanzania acquires a new bus... At least Gor Mahia has a mini bus... AFC je? hasnt Kidero bought you one?

Okil then added a helpful link to boot: Read the whole story here

This set off this exchanges:-

Adede Mit Moloyi: Wamenunuliwa sukari na wakapewa chai. u kno they value the stomach.

Humphrey Situma: Sasa hii mulinunuliwa na Jakom munaringa nayo.?

Kevin Dabo Dabo Kuya: sasa how can u compare this bus with the kogallo one???serious joke.

Kate Katrina: hehehehehehe its like comparing a vitz to a range rover sport

Okil: the people doing the comparison are on foot, si you buy hata ka(wheelbarrow) kwanza. wacha watu wana magari waongee...

Kate Katrina: hahahahaha sasa vitz si ni wheel barrow ya miguu nne....mbona unai promote kuwa gari??

Kevin: hehehehe kate ...its like a bonga point redemption product...okil hiyo hata hamfai kusema mko na gari, just nyamaza.

Okil: so are we will still going to be treated next season to the eye sore of a Starbus delivering Abaluhya Football Club to the stadium...?

Kevin: we better use the star bus but u can be rest assured when we will get a bus...we will indeed get a bus...not some cheap school buses.

Okil: IF Kidero buys you a bus not WHEN Kidero buys you a bus...

Kevin: we have power in the den...and if we are to buy a bus then it will come from the wider republic.

Okil: hehe, what have you people done for your club that does not include mumias sugar?

Lugongo Wambulwa Shitemu: Okil we've supported the club fan wise. Saa hizi AFC is the most supported club in Kenya atleast as per the kenyan derby records

Okil: you guys lie to yourselves until you believe your own lies... Maybe Ticket Masters should tell us between September 2011 and November 30, 2011 which club grossed the most in terms of gate reciepts. Unless you are talking about facebook fans, in which case we still beat you hands down. Is there an empirical way that we can measure popularity and AFC comes out on top of Gor Mahia...?

Okil: News we got from Bomet is that 10,000 fans turned up to watch Gor Mahia... AFC cant even muster those numbers in Nairobi

Lugongo: Dont talk moneywise coz we Ingwe attend Gor's matches hence add to your gate collections. Last 3 kenyan derbies who had the numbers? Leave alone overall collections just concentrate on latest stats

Lugongo: Okil those were just curious onlookers. U counted them as fans?

Okil: they were curious enough to pay the admission fee...?

Lugongo: If am an artist then dropped ma pants downtown Nairobi then pple stop n stare are they ma fans? Yes they paid to watch Gor coz they never seen soccer in ages

Okil: so how much did you make at the gate last season?

Lugongo: Leave alone gate collections, we r talkin fanwise. What were Gor's last 3 attendences like?

Okil: you want us to judge the fan base on three matches?

Okil: Maybe you need to look at the FKL Cup Final. it was played at 4 pm on a weekday

Lugongo: Not on 3 matches but on latest fanbase

Okil: hehe, hiyo latest inapatikana wapi...?

Lugongo: Ka ulikuwa Nyayo 2nd july 2011,24th july 2011 na 17th Dec hauitaji kuambiwa

Kate: Na pia sanasana 2nd October;-)

Lugongo: Mwambie Kate. Popularity ya Gor ime slide downward. Ingwe the new kid on da block

Okil: Haha, ticket masters will tell us nxt month...

Lugongo: Uliza TM. Latest attendences? Mlikuwa wangapi mkicheza na KCB?

Okil: the kcb match followed the congo united debacle and fans stayed away in protest demanding Zico's resignation... Why dont you even take the last game against Sofapaka?

Lugongo: Exactly fan support is measured only in terms of attending matches. AFC fans supports team wether loosing or winning

Okil: You want to sit here making noise abt attendances. Have u attended a Gor Mahia match that doesnt involve AFC? I have attended most of your midweek matches and you are countable. You average 200k in gate collections, we average 1 million. But you want to keep on arguing... Nipe facts not information that cannot be verified

Lugongo: Ninakupa facts. Nimeenda Gor's midweek karibu zote. Support yenu inadidimia. Ukweli unaumiza. Seriously game yenu against Tusker was packed but support ilififia towards the end

Okil: And you think or hope the trend will continue into nxt season...? Shock on you. Moving on, do you guys even knw how to cheer? Or do you watch the match as you are entertained by the paid isukuti drummers?

Lugongo: Obviously the so called 'followers' will return. Season followers if u lyk. However its gonna be difficult matching Ingwe supporters

Kate: Ati cheering? Hapo sasa ndio 2napenda sanaaaaa, rem th last match we abt tht, th peace match

Prince Myke: Haha hawa AFC wanajichocha yet they know Gor lead n followed by others!!

Kevin: okil when it comes to cheering, we are way above the rest...the isikuti, poznans, chantings and the waves...these are some but a few of the beauties and obligations of ingwe...kogalo fans are drunkards, violent, wachokozi, arogant,hot tempered and spiced with stupid passion. This is easily tiped the wrong way when they foresee defeat...OKIL WE ARE THE REPUBLIC AND WE'VE BEEN HERE FROM THE BEGGINING...and next season we shall stamp our authority and claim our rightfull spot.

Oscar Ananda: nkt... sa io star bus ndio watu wa koro wanaeza ongea!!!

Samwana Shimzie Katamu: hahahaha oscar hapo umenena eti mini bus afadhali players wetu wapande matatu kuliko ..........

Now that is clean and mature banter found here!


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