Friday, October 14, 2011

Pre Match: Karuturi (A)

It is match day Number 25 and the Leopards head out to Naivasha to play Karuturi Sports.

This is a tricky game. AFC Leopards haven’t lost a KPL match since July 24th when they lost to Gor. Even last weekend they managed to do away with Congo United in the FKL Cup. And speaking to coach Jan Koops at Nyayo Stadium on Thursday night, he’s a confident yet humble man. He knows what he is doing at Ingwe and he’s passionate about the KPL. He sat next to Mr Njiru and I and kept asking names of players who were doing well; and picking our brains to better understand the league. It will take him a very short time to get to know every player in the league and every coach’s tactics because he works hard at it.
For Karuturi Sport, it appears as if they have had three seasons in one. They started off slow, picked up to go through an impressive run mid season, and now they appear to have slowed down again. Coach James Nandwa needs to find a winning formula again. The home crowd at Karuturi is loud but timid and I’m sure Ingwe fans will flock Naivasha to make this a “home game” for them. Talking to Mike Baraza yesterday he is focused on training and getting that golden boot, hence my prediction.

My Prediction: Karuturi 1 – 3 Ingwe

MichezoAfrika writes

On paper, AFC Leopards is favored to triumph over Karuturi Sports this afternoon when the two sides meet in a KPL clash set for 3:00PM in Naivasha at the Karuturi Sports ground.

However, Coach James Nandwa has warned that it will not be an easy walk in the park for a flamboyant Leopard.

“We know they are enjoying some good form currently, the same applies with us. We respect them but they are coming to our territory and we are prepared to guard our three points. We are not a Leopard’s prey.” Said Nandwa.

AFC Leopards assault will be led by Mike Baraza and the AFC Fans could bank on his hunger for the golden boot to earn some points from Naivasha.

“I need more goals both for the team and for my tally. Team work is what will lift us above our opponents and we are determined to reap maximum harvest from Naivasha.” Said Baraza.

The visitors will not suffer away disadvantage as thousands of AFC Leopards fans have already arrived in the flower city in support of their team.

Karuturi holds the 10th spot on the table with 31 points while AFC Leopards is 5 points above Karuturi (36) on the 7th spot.

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